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Sports Performance Training 

The experience Exodus brings to each athlete  enables us to design and provide exercise programs for athletes that are focused on improving performance.

These individually tailored programs focus on three things:

1)      Addressing and eliminating weaknesses and imbalances.

2)      Improving and maximizing physical conditioning.

3)      Perfecting technique in the given sport.

Exodus has a history of successful relationships with athletes from multiple sports including lacrosse, swimming, wrestling, running and baseball.


Event Training

The Exodus Event Program is a vehicle to create community and help clients reach their fitness goals and full athletic potential.  Variety of events include; Philadelphia Marathon, Ocean City Half Marathon, Mayors Labor Day 5 miler, Ocean City Triathlon, Guts and Glory 5k and Tough Mudder. Following an initial meeting for a particular event, the exercise staff will provide a detailed exercise prescription appropriate to the demands of the event.


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