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SHRED:  This group led, calorie burning, high intensity, interval training class is designed to target all muscle groups and shred your body.  Alternating between top notch cardio exercises and weight training, you will increase muscle and burn calories in a fun, fast paced environment.  Workouts can be tailored to suit your individual needs.
TURBO BARRE FUSION:   This results oriented low impact workout focuses on core strength, flexibility, and high energy fun.  With a combo of dance inspired exercises, pilates based core work and yoga style stretching along with hard core calisthenics, you will tone and shape your body head to toe and feel great . 
LEAN AND MEAN:  Build lean body mass and get strong is this progressive strenth training class that incorporates traditional complex movements such as deadlifts, back squats, chest press, pull ups, dips and much more to get you lean and mean.
PEAK PERFORMANCE:  If you are an athlete (or everyday athlete) looking to maximize your potential, this class will get you in tip top shape using sleds, battle ropes, kettlebells, agility ladders, resisted speed training and strength conditioning.  For those training for the STAND UP FOR SEALS....this class is for YOU! 




The group classes are focused on the individualized approach in a group setting.  We strive to meet the overall goal of the class while addressing each...

Total Speed Training consists of retraining the entire body to move in an efficient and powerful way.  By increasing range of motion and...

One on one training is offered at Exodus by our highly qualified team of exercise specialists.  After a comprehensive evaluation, goals are set and a...